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Brief Overview

The Letter Creator allows you to make Letters and Documents for the patient's record. 

A Letter is generally used for clinical purposes such as referrals and reports. 

A Document is generally used for other patient-related correspondence, such as medical certificates and appointment information.  

This article shows you how to create a Document for your patient which can then be saved into their record. 

Important:  You cannot attach any items from the patient's record in a Document.  If you need to attach something from the file, create a Letter instead:  Creating a Letter (Admin)


The Short Version

  1. Open the Letter Creator
  2.  Select This is a Document, and choose a Template
  3.  Write the Document
  4.  Finalise the Document.



1.  Open up the Letter Creator using one of the following methods.

a.  Go to Scheduler > Letters > select Create.  


b.  Go to Scheduler > Letters > select the Letters to Create tab > select the Pencil/Edit icon of the letter you want to create.


c.  Go to Scheduler > select the Appointment > click the Letter icon.


d.  Go to Scheduler > select the Letter icon > search for the patient > select the Provider and Location.



f.  The Letter Creator is now open. 


2.  Setup the Document

a.  Select This is a Document


b.  Choose the Template you want to use. 


c.  Review and update the addressees in the To section. 

Note: The To field will default to the patient.  Documents can only be addressed to a patient.  



3.  Write the Document

Note:  Any tags that are related to the Recipient will show as tags when you are writing the Document.  Once you have finished and selected Create, the Tags will be updated with your chosen recipient in the left panel.  

a.  Print a copy of the Document at any time via the Print icon. 


b.  To exit without saving, click the X icon.


c.  Update the Document Name, if required, by clicking on the name, make the adjustments and press Enter to save. 3d._rename1.png  3d._rename2.png

4.  Finalise the Document

Note:  These options become available once all mandatory fields have been filled in.

a.  Create button. 4._create.png

This will send the Document to:

  • Scheduler > Letters with the status of Sent.
  • Clinical File > Clinical Journey.
  • Clinical File > Letters.

It will show in Letters as: 

  • Admin User:  Sent status, in the Sent tab.
  • Doctor User:  Sent status, in the Sent tab.

Selecting this button will then close the Letter Creator.


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