30 January - Active Ingredient Prescribing

This update focuses on the introduction of Active Ingredient Prescribing. Under new medicine regulations, from February 1st 2021, doctors must include the active ingredient names when preparing prescriptions for PBS and RPBS medicines. 


What is an Active Ingredient?

Active ingredients are the chemical compounds in medicines that have an effect on the body. Essentially, these are the chemicals in the medicine that make it work. The introduction of Active Ingredient Prescribing will mean these active ingredients are easier to identify on prescriptions.


When will Active Ingredient Prescribing begin?

The new legislative requirements for PBS prescriptions are mandatory from 1 February 2021. From this date, all eligible PBS and RPBS prescriptions will need to include the active ingredient, followed by the medication brand if the prescriber believes it is clinically necessary. 


What does this change look like in Clinic to Cloud?

When a provider completes the details of the prescription in the New Medication option in the clinical consult and they select Save and Print, they will now be offered a new option in relation to printing. 


Select Yes to print the active ingredient and brand name. Selecting No will print the prescription without the active ingredient. 



Note: If the medicine is LEMI or has 4+ active ingredients the prescription will have brand name only. If the medicine is LMBC the active ingredient will print.

If brand substitution is allowed the active ingredient and brand name will show. If brand substitution is not allowed the active ingredient and brand name will show with brand substitution not permitted. 


The correct information will then display on the prescription print out.





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