9 February - Product Update

On top of general bug fixes, this product update focuses on enhancing the new Contacts window experience, finalising the new Invoice History screen, and enhancing SMS functionality. 




The Contacts window has been redesigned, and the second phase of the Contacts release has incorporated a lot more functionality to improve the efficiency of your workflows.


Enhanced View in Contacts List

The visual grid within the Contacts List has been updated to provide a cleaner interface, and improve the quality of the information in view. The following changes have been made:

  • Separation of active and deactivated Contacts.
  • Addition of fax number to grid.
  • Addition of preferred sending method to grid.
  • Addition of Last Updated field to grid.
  • Addition of Actions column to Deactivate or Update Contact.
  • Rearranged column order.



Contact Deactivation & Activation - 10th February

You may now deactivate a Contact rather than deleting their record. To remove a Contact, you simply need to select the Deactivate option from the Actions menu. If the Contact has multiple locations recorded, you will be asked which Work Location/s you would like to deactivate. Deactivated Contacts will move into the Deactivated tab of the Contacts List

Note: It is not currently possible to re-activate a deactivated Contact. This functionality will be released in a separate product update. 



After a Contact has been deactivated, you may reactivate their record by entering the Deactivated tab shown above, and clicking the Activate button beside the Contact. They will then be reinstated as an active Contact.



Secure Messaging Auto-Populate

When using the Secure Messaging Search option within a Contact, you may now populate their contact & address information, and Provider Numbers from the directory of your chosen Secure Messaging Provider (Healthlink, Medical Objects, or Argus). Multiple Work Locations can be added to one Contact using multiple searches at a time. Follow these instructions to import their information:

  1. Toggle on the Auto-Populate Personal & Professional Details After Search option.
  2. Search for the provider in the field provided.
  3. Choose the relevant directory to populate the data.
  4. To clear the information, you need only click the X Cross icon beside the provider's name in the search field.

If you try to import another Work Location for a Contact with a duplicate provider number to the existing information for the Contact, then the existing and auto-populated information will be merged. 



Alternate Secure Messaging Provider Details

The fields used for storing AlltalkMedWebReferralNet, and Division Report provider IDs have been moved to the Work Location tab of the Contact screen. To access these fields, you will now need to click the More Options button to reveal the fields. 



Specialty List Update

The list of specialties available within the Contacts window has been updated to use the SNOMED database. You may now select specialties from this list, or you may choose to type your own specialty into the fields provided if you are unable to find what you are looking for. For more information on SNOMED, please visit the SNOMED website.



Manually Add a Work Location

You may now store several locations for a single Contact, allowing you to record multiple Provider Numbers and methods of contact for a single Contact. Simply click on Add Location to add the next location, and fill in the information as required. Each new Work Location will be added with sequential numbers; ie "Work Location 2". If you have added a location by mistake, you can use the X Cross icon in the top right-hand corner of the Work Location to delete it. 



Sending Format

The method of sending options related to Secure Messaging will now only appear if the Preferred Method of Communication has been set to Argus, Healthlink or Medical Objects. The Preferred Method of Communication will be set to one of our three Secure Messaging partners mentioned above automatically, if the provider's information was imported using the provider search function. 



Update a Contact Using the Actions Menu

The method for updating a Contact has changed. To open and change a Contact, you must hover over the record in the Contacts List, and select Update from the Actions menu on the right-hand side. 




Invoice History

This is the final release in the Invoice History series, and completes the new functionality planned for the Invoice History rebuild. 


Print Summary for Invoices

You may now print a summary of invoices for a patient that are either paid, or unpaid. You may choose to apply a filter first, to only print invoices of a particular type (for example, using the WorkCover filter, so you may print a summary of all invoices addressed to WorkCover.

Simply select the invoices you would like to print (or use the filters), and use the Arrow ^ icon to print a summary with or without any rebates showing. For more information, please read this article.




Keyboard Shortcuts Implemented

When searching for an invoice in the Invoice History window, you may now use your keyboard arrows to move through the matching options available from the drop-down. If only one item is returned in the search, then you may use the Enter key on your keyboard to select the invoice. 



Export Invoice History

The Export function has returned to the Invoice History window, and can be found in the Filter My Results section. Simply click on Filter My Results to open the filtering pane, and then click Export to export the invoices in view to Microsoft Excel. If you have applied a filter first, then the filtered results will be exported instead.





Further information has been added and changed within the SMS Report, and functionality has been added to the Recall SMS process. 


Sending Time in SMS Report

The time of sending has now been added to the SMS Report so you may track when automatic and manual SMS have been sent to or received from patients. 



Timezone Change in SMS Report

The timezone used in the SMS Report has been changed from UTC to AEST to provide more helpful timing information for SMS sent and received.



Recall SMS Time Updated

A hard-coded time has now been implemented for SMS sent from a Recall. Recall SMS will now all be sent at 9:00AM AEST. 


Xero Integration Update

Clinic to Cloud's integration with Xero has been updated to using OAuth2.0 to improve the security of data transfer between programs. This will require any Xero practices to re-authorise, and log into Xero through Clinic to Cloud. Please review this article for more information on how to re-authorise Xero through Settings > Xero Settings



Middleware Decommission

As announced in the 15 September Product Update and through direct emails and in-app notifications to affected users, from November 30th, 2020, Clinic to Cloud no longer supports TLS 1.0 or 1.1 for Windows Users. We have removed the ability to use older versions of Practice Middleware, to provide the best-in-class encryption to our customers. If you have not yet updated to the newer version of Practice Middleware, you will need to reinstall the Practice Middleware application. Please view the instructions found within this article to ensure that the importation of your lab results and scanned documents are not affected by this change. 



Account Holder Age Update

Patient verification within the demographic window has now been adjusted, so that patients under the age of 18 who are their own Account Holder with their own Medicare card can now be successfully verified. 


Invoice/Fee Estimate Out of Pocket Update

Changes have been made to the appearance of a printed invoice or fee estimate, to remove the bolding from the Out of Pocket cost, and apply bolding to the Total Invoice cost. This was based on customer feedback that patients were often unaware that they needed to pay the entire cost of the invoice, rather than only the Out of Pocket cost. 



Bug Fixes

  • Electronic Claiming will now retain the location provider number when submitted.
  • Allergies will now be successfully saved to the patient's clinical record.
  • Bulk Actions in the Invoice History will now correctly display when printing multiple invoices.
  • Invoices/Fee Estimates will now display the correct Payment Type
  • MBS Item 55141 will now allow Self-Deemed referrals.
  • Lab Results will no longer replace requests in the clinical journey. 
  • Manual SMS may now be sent successfully without error.
  • Xero exported invoices will now display the correct Patient Account Holder
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