Editing a Template with the New Template Editor

Brief Overview

The New Template Library is our latest release to improve the Letter Creation and Template Management experience within Clinic to Cloud.  This article explains how to access the New Template Library and edit your templates. 


The Short Version

  • Go to Settings > Template Library > toggle New Template Library > select Edit.
  • Make any Content or Detail changes as required.
  • Click Save.



1.  Open a new template in the New Template Editor.  

2.  Go to Settings > Template Library.



3.  Select the New Template Library toggle.



4. Click the Edit option next to the template you want to modify.



5. The template will open and you can make any necessary edits from here. 

Using the Toolbar tab, you can:

  • Insert a file, watermark, page break, table, picture, header, and footer.
  • Manage font settings, emphasis, colour, alignment, lists, line spacing, and indents.  
  • Define margins, paper size, and page orientation.

Learn more about the Toolbar tab here



Template Details:

  • Go to the Details Tab to update your template name, categorise the template, assign it to specific users or groups, and set as default as required. Click here to learn more about the Details tab. 


6. Once you have made all the changes required, click Save.



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