Templates Release Coming Soon!

Preparing for this Product Update

Next week marks the beginning of the long awaited overhaul of the Templates and Letters modules within Clinic to Cloud.  We will be releasing this update in stages and expect to have this completed over 2-3 months:

  • Template Conversion:  A complimentary service to bring your templates into the New Library, saving time and effort.
  • Stage 1:  Inserting the brand new, easy to use template library and editor into your practice.
  • Stage 2:  Performing an uplift of the Letters List area and preparing for the enhanced letters workflow.
  • Stage 3:  Releasing the enhanced workflow experience and the ability to use the new templates.


When is it happening?

  • Template Conversion - Friday 20 November 
  • Stage 1 - Next week 
  • Stage 2 - December (exact date to be confirmed)
  • Stage 3 - To be confirmed soon! 


What does this mean?

Template Conversion

  • To minimise the impact to your business, we will complete the template conversion over the weekend beginning at 5pm AEDT on Friday 20 November. 
  • This task will be completed in the background and you can still use Clinic to Cloud as normal.  
  • Starting from the template conversion kick off on Friday, all templates will need to be created in both editors so they are available for you when Stage 3 is released. 
    • Please note the new editor will be available from next week. 

Stage 1 Release - New Template Library & Editor

  • From next week, your converted templates will be visible in the New Template Library.
  • You will be able to review and update your converted templates to ensure they are ready to use when we introduce the new letters workflow.  
  • Additionally, all of the new template editor features are now available for you to familiarise yourself with, including the simplified user interface, headers, footers and watermarks!

Important Notes:

  • This release does not change your current letters workflow.  
  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 are very important releases that lay the foundation for our enhanced Templates and Letters workflow.  


What do I do now?

Look out for our full product release notes next week which explain the changes.  



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