Accessing the New Template Library


Brief Overview

The New Template Library is our latest release to improve the Template Management and Letter Creation experience within Clinic to Cloud.  This article explains how to access the New Template Library and what you can do.  


The Short Version

  1. Go to Settings > Template Library > toggle New Template Library. 
    • Admin users will see all templates for all users. 
    • Reception/Doctor users will only see templates that are created by them or assigned to them.
  2. Use the Create button to make a new template. 
  3. Use the Search bar to quickly locate the required template.
    • If you are Admin user type, you will see all available templates. 
    • If you are Doctor/Reception user type, you will only see templates assigned to you.  
  4. Use the Action menu to Update/Edit, Clone or Delete.
    • Clone is only available for Admin user type.
    • Update indicates the template has not been reviewed since conversion.  



  • Templates that have been converted to the New Template Library have the action Update.  
  • To use this template in the New Letter Workflow it will need to be reviewed.
  • Once a template has been Updated, the action item will change to Edit.  



1.  Access the New Template Library.

a.  Go to Settings > Template Library.



b.  Toggle New Template Library. 



c.  New Template Library is displayed.

Tip: If a template is set as your default template, or set as default for your user group, it will have a yellow Star icon beside the name.



2.  Create a new template.

a.  Click the Create button 



3.  Search for a template by Template Name, User Name or Category in the Search bar.

  • If you are an Admin user type, you will see all templates. 
  • If you are a Doctor/Receptionist user type, you will only see the templates that are created by you or assigned to you.  
  • As you type, the Library will filter out templates that do not match the search criteria.


a.  Select the type of Search you want to perform from the drop down menu.

Tip: User Name will search who the template has been assigned to.



b.  Begin typing your Search criteria and the Library will filter your results.



c.  To clear the search results, click the blue X icon in the Search field.



4.  Use the Action menu to manage your templates. 


a.  Update


  • Update indicates that this template was converted from the old template creator.  
  • Update allows you to open and review the converted template for errors and readability.
  • After you update your template, you will not see this action again.
  • Review this help article for more information: Updating your Converted Templates

b.  Edit


c.  Clone


  • This is only available to the Admin user type.
  • Access Clone from the drop down menu. 
  • Clone allows you to create a duplicate of the template you selected. 
  • Review this help article for more information: Cloning a Template with the New Template Editor

d.  Delete


  • Admin can delete any template. 
  • Reception/Doctor can only delete templates they have created.
  • Access Delete from the drop-down menu.
  • Delete allows you to remove the selected template from the list. 
  • Select Delete again to confirm.



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