Components of the New Template Editor

Brief Overview

The New Template Library is our latest release to improve the Letter Creation and Template Management experience within Clinic to Cloud.  This article explains how to access the New Template Library Editor and how it works.  


The Short Version

  • Go to Settings > Template Library > toggle New Template Library > select Create.
  • Using the Toolbar tab, you can:
    • Insert a file, watermark, page break, table, picture, header, and footer.
    • Manage font settings, emphasis, colour, alignment, lists, line spacing, and indents.  
    • Define margins, paper size, and page orientation.
  • Using the Details tab, you can: 
    • Set the name and category of the template.
    • Assign the template to user/s and user group/s (Admin user type only).
    • Default the template to user/s and user group/s.  
  • Using the Buttons at the top and bottom, you can: 
    • Preview the document with the watermark. 
    • Set the zoom level and navigate pages (if required). 
    • Save, Cancel, and Print the template.  



Go to New Template Editor.

a.  Go to Settings > Template Library.


b.  Select toggle New Template Library.


c.  Click Create.


This article explains what each component of the new editor does.  The following articles will explain how to use the Editor with your Templates: 


Upper Outside Frame

a.  X Icon

This icon allows you to close the Editor overlay.  


b.  Preview button

This button allows you to preview your entire template as it will appear when being used to create a Letter.   This includes showing the Watermark and Document together.  


  • The Preview button becomes available once you have Saved your template. 
  • Your template will not close when you click Save, but your progress will be saved.  
  • You only need to save the template once at the start to activate the Preview button. 
  • To Save your template: 
    • Go to Details tab > enter a Template Name.  
    • Click Save button in the bottom left. 



Toolbar Tab

Please see New Template Editor - Toolbar Tab for detailed information in this area.  



Details Tab

Please see New Template Editor - Details Tab for detailed information in this area.  



Lower Outside Frame


a.  Page Number

This function allows you to see how many pages your template is, as well as providing easy navigation and orientation for multi-page documents.  


  • The number in the white box indicates which page you are currently viewing. 
  • The number to the right indicates the total number of pages. 
  • To quickly change pages:
    • Type the page number into the white box and press enter, or
    • Click into the white box and use the up/down arrows to scroll page numbers and press enter


b.  Zoom

This button allows you to control the magnification of the page.  By changing the zoom you can preview your letter template better within the window while you are editing.  


  • Click the menu button to change the letter zoom from 25% to 200%, or Fit One Page/Fit Page Width.
  • Click the menu button again to change the letter zoom to another setting. 


c.  Save

This button will save your template progress, and a toast notification will appear to advise that your template was saved successfully.  


  • The Save button is unavailable if there is no Template Name in the Details tab. 
  • After Saving, your new template will now be visible in the New Template Library.  


d.  Cancel

This button will allow you to leave without saving any changes.  


A warning message will appear, click Discard to close without saving.  


e.  Print

This button will allow you to print your template.  Use this if you need to test how your chosen settings will look correct when printed.  


  • The print out will show the tags, this may not be reflective of the exact layout of the text in your Letter. 
  • After the preview appears, select the Print icon to continue or use the Go Back button to close and return to the editor. Lower_Outside_Frame._Print.png


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