[COMING SOON] Deactivating Online Payments

Brief Overview

If you would like to remove the ability for patients to pay their outstanding accounts through the Patient Portal, you will need to deactivate the Online Payments in the Patient Portal Settings.  


  • Deactivating is instant. 
  • Patients will no longer see the Pay option in the Patient Portal and you will no longer be able to see your Stripe Accounts.  
    • You can use the toggle to turn the Patient Portal Payments Dashboard back on if you need to view any information. 
  • Only the Admin user type is able to deactivate Online Payments.  


The Short Version

  • Go to Settings > Patient Portal Settings > Portal Payments tab.
  • Click the toggle for Switch On Stripe Payment so it becomes grey. 
  • Click Deactivate > Confirm Deactivation.
  • Online Payments have now been disabled.




1.  Go to Settings > Patient Portal Settings.  


2.  Go to the Portal Payments tab > slide the toggle for Switch On Stripe Payment to off. 
Note: It will show as grey when turned off.


3.  Click the Deactivate button. 


4.  Review the information and click Confirm Deactivation to continue or Close to cancel.  

Note: You will see a notification pop up that your service has been deactivated.  


5.  A notification toast will show in the top-right corner and the Stripe Dashboard will show that it has been deactivated.  


Note:  If required, use the toggle to switch Online Payments back on to view the original information.  


6.  Reactivating Online Payments at a later date. 

If you would like to turn on Online Payments again later on:

  • The Stripe Accounts that you made using the wizard will become available for use again.   
  • Ensure that you review the Stripe Account details by using the Portal Dashboard to review the details.  
  • If Stripe require any re-validation of information, there will be a status shown on the Portal Dashboard


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