[COMING SOON] Update Stripe Account Names

Brief Overview

You may need to update the Stripe Account Names that you have created in the Portal Payments tab of the Patient Portal Settings.  These labels are internal only and are not displayed outside of Clinic to Cloud.  If there is a mistake or you would like to better describe the Stripe Account you can follow these steps.  


The Short Version

  • Go to Settings > Patient Portal Settings > Portal Payments tab.
  • Scroll down to the Account Dashboard and select Edit on the Stripe Account Name you want to change.
  • Update the label and click Save.
  • Only Admin users can update Stripe Account names.



1. Go to Settings > Patient Portal Settings.


2. Select the Portal Payments tab and scroll down to the Stripe Account Dashboard.

3. Select the Stripe Account you wish to rename.  In the Actions drop-down menu, select Edit.

4. Update the text field to the new Stripe Account Name, and click Save
Note: Click Cancel to exit without saving any changes.



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