20 August - Product Update

In addition to general bug fixes, this update focuses on a visual and feature set enhancement for the Invoice History window, as well as the introduction of same-day and doctor-specific SMS and Email Notifications

Invoice History Improvements

The Invoice History window has received a large number of updates, including a new interface containing sorting, additional information from invoices, updated totals, and more.


From within this new screen, you will now see the following additional information:

Invoice History Totals

The total fees, amount paid, unpaid figure, and number of outstanding invoices will now all be displayed at the top-right of the Invoice History window:


Additional Fields in Grid

The Service Date, Item Numbers, and Created By dates have been added to the grid for easier reconciliation and auditing.


Sorting Functionality

You may now click on the To Pay, Service Date, Service Provided By, Unpaid, Created & Created By column headers to sort the information on view. The blue arrow as seen in the screenshot below indicates how the table is currently being sorted:


Back Button

Clicking the Back button will now take you back to the previous window you were in when you entered the Invoice History


Item Number Hover

Hovering over an item in the Item Numbers column will display the full list of item numbers on the invoice without needing to open the invoice.  


Please note: Bulk Pay functionality has been removed from the Invoice History window whilst this functionality is being improved. You will still be able to use Bulk Pay from within the Aged Debtors report accessed via Reports > General Reports.


Same-Day SMS and Email Notifications

We have now introduced the ability to send SMS and Email notifications on the same day as a scheduled appointment:


We would recommend that you select the 8:00AM-12:00PM block from the Time to Send field for same-day notifications, so that the notification may be sent before the patient's appointment

Note: If the SMS has not yet sent before the scheduled appointment time, the SMS will still be sent during this time block even if the appointment time has passed. 


Provider Specific SMS and Email Notifications

You may now create SMS and Email Notifications for specific providers, by using the Doctors menu to select the relevant provider at the time of creation:



If the Doctors field is blank, then this notification will be used for all providers, depending on the Locations and Appointment Types selected. 


Bug Fixes

  • Argus may now send HL7 2.4 REF files
  • The resolution of the logo on Email Notifications now matches the practice logo
  • Imaging and Pathology Results will now import into the correct section of the results workflow
  • The MBS item 195 now displays the correct description
  • The assistant threshold for MBS items 51300 and 51303 has now been updated
  • When billing multiple patients at a time, the derived fee will now be calculated correctly
  • The Medicare claim amount will no longer be rounded down 5c
  • The dictation transcript will now display correctly
  • Patients will now receive the authentication code when logging into the Patient Portal
  • Referral Start Dates will no longer change for referrals previously used
  • Secure Messages will now be displayed with a link to download if they cannot be imported


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