What is the Patient Portal?


The Patient Portal is an exclusive Clinic to Cloud all-encompassing online experience designed to improve patient engagement for Clinic to Cloud practices, recuperate time normally spent on administrative tasks, and further provide continuity of care. The Patient Portal streamlines the patient management process, and takes patients from referral to receipt, further improving the push to a truly modern paperless practice.

The portal can be accessed anywhere, any time, on any device, encouraging patients to take control of their healthcare journey, and connect with your practice in ways never seen before. The portal can be customised, so you may choose the information that is shared with your patients, to fit your individual practice needs. 

The following options can be enabled in the Patient Portal to allow patients to:

  • Complete their patient registration form including their demographic information, billing details such as their Medicare/DVA and health fund details, and your own personalised practice questionnaire, saving administrative time for your staff.

  • Upload referrals or other supporting documents prior to their appointment, to streamline the referral process and eliminate the need for your practice to scan referrals.

  • Create, cancel or confirm appointments, to reduce the number of incoming appointment-related calls for your practice staff.

  • View invoices and pay their outstanding invoices through Stripe account integration, encouraging patients to pay on time, and reducing practice aged debt. Private invoices paid in full will also automatically be transmitted to Medicare to recover the patient's rebate if applicable, to finalise the billing process (ONLINE PAYMENTS COMING SOON).

  • Access and print fee estimates for upcoming procedures and services, so the patient may confirm their coverage with their health fund or review the expected item numbers.

  • View their current medications, including the instructions provided by the doctor.

  • See and print letters and documents such as referral letters and medical certificates in case of lost paperwork, or review previous correspondence.

  • View imaging and pathology results published by their provider after a chosen time, for increased transparency with patients.                                                                                                                      Results.png

  • View clinical measurements to track their progress over-time for ongoing care such as weight loss or blood pressure management.

  • Encourage proactive patient care through the visibility of due and scheduled recalls for ongoing patient care.

  • Access their allergy information so this can be quickly reviewed at any time and be provided in an emergency.

To see how the patient views this information within the Patient Portal, click here

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