22 July - Product Update

In addition to general bug fixes, this update focuses on improving several aspects of the Operating Lists window, including the filtering of items to streamline the searching of previous lists, allowing exportation to Microsoft Excel, and providing a visual enhancement to this window. The Australian Unity Health Fund postal address has also been updated for manual claims.

Here's what's new:


Operating List Filters

By adding filters to the Clinic to Cloud Operating Lists window, you will now be able to quickly search for certain Operating Lists based on the Operating Date, Time, Provider, or Location. Click on the Filter My Results drop-down to open the filtering window, and then insert the Operating Date, Time, Location or Doctor Name as required:



Export Operating Lists to Excel

You may now use the Export icon under the Filter My Results area, to export the current catalogue of Operating Lists in view to Excel. If you have chosen to apply filters, your filtered selection will be exported when you click on Export. Otherwise, you may choose to export all Operating Lists to Excel:


Operating List Visual Enhancement

The Operating List grid will now be displayed clearly, allowing you to view the most important information at a quick glance. The Print and Send Email functions will now be accessed via the expand option of the Operating List, indicated by the arrow icon. 


Australian Unity Health Fund Address Updated

Manual claims to Australian Unity will now display the new postal address for the health fund upon the invoice.

Desktop Bug Fixes

  • Electronic payments made for historical claims will now display their payment remittance advice details.
  • Quick Consults will now display with the consult date in the patient Clinical Journey.
  • The postcode list in the patient demographic has been updated to allow searching by suburb name to display the complete list of postcodes.
  • Allied Health items claimed via DVA will now be successfully transmitted.
  • Historical data exports can now be removed without error.
  • When adding an item to a Fee Estimate, the payment name will now be displayed upon hover.
  • Messages sent via Internal Messaging will now correctly display as read once viewed.
  • All active patient referrals can be added to an invoice.
  • Patients with unfinished fertility records can now be merged without error.
  • All patients can now be searched from the Patient List using name, ID number, or Date of Birth.
  • Custom item numbers containing symbols can now be synced to Xero.

Doctor App Bug Fix (Android Only)

  • Information added into the Background Information and Past issues fields on an Android phone will now be correctly saved and visible in both the Doctor App and Desktop application.

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