Adding Patient Portal Consent

Brief Overview

During the set up of your Patient Portal, it is important to add the consent information that you would like the patient to agree to before they can enter the portal. The patient will need to read and accept both your practice consent form, and the Clinic to Cloud consent form, before they can access the portal. If you do not enter a practice consent form, the patient will only see the Clinic to Cloud consent form. 

Note: Only users with Practice Admin access will be able to add and edit the consent form.

The Short Version

  • Go to Settings > Patient Portal Settings 
  • Select the Privacy Notice & Consent tab
  • Click Create Consent
  • Add consent text
  • Tick Active on Patient Portal and click Save
  • The patient will need to accept this consent form when first logging in to Patient Portal



1. Go to Settings > Patient Portal Settings.


2. Select the Privacy Notice & Consent tab.



3. Click on the Create Consent button and a consent editor window will open

Note: if the editor does not open, please check your browser is not blocking pop-ups.

4. Type or paste the consent text and click OK to save.



5. Once you are happy with the text, tick the Active on Patient Portal tick-box and click Save.


6. When the patient first logs into the Patient Portal they will need to read and accept your practices and Clinic to Clouds consent form to enter. Once they accept they will be able to enter the Patient Portal. 



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