25 June - Product Update

In addition to general bug fixes, our latest update includes workflow efficiency enhancements and added billing capabilities.


Additional Medicare claiming reason codes

We have added additional Medicare claiming codes and updated existing codes. This will ensure that all relevant and up to date response codes from Medicare will reflect correctly on claims, providing you with the information required to action these claims. 


Cessnock Health Fund derived items

We have improved the logic when billing derived items on Cessnock Health Fund invoices and fee estimates.


Bug Fixes

  • Secure Messaging messages with a link to an RTF formatted letter will now display in a readable format. 
  • Pathology Copies To recipients in Western Diagnostic Imaging results will now display in a readable format.
  • Pathology results attached to letters will now display correctly.
  • Internal server error when opening the invoice page will no longer occur.
  • The Patient Claim tab on the invoice will now show the correct layout.
  • Item number descriptions with a symbol will now display correctly.
  • Page pagination will display in the correct location at the bottom of the page. 

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