7 July - Product Update (Doctor App)

This update is making changes to the way we use the Obstetric consultations from the Doctor App. These changes will reflect in both Android and iOS. We are enabling our obstetrician's access to information about their patients at the point of care by presenting them with more gestational information and pregnancy management options.

We have also fixed a number of bug fixes across the Doctor App.

Here's what's new:


These obstetric updates will show when: 

  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology module is enabled in the practice 
  • Provider specialty type is Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Patient is female
  • The patient is pregnant with an open obstetric record, the first antenatal appointment must have been completed on the desktop.

Note: These changes do not apply to initial or post-natal consultation types. At the initial consultation, there is no obstetrics data on record yet, and at the post-natal consultation, an obstetric record is no longer open.


Pregnancy Information available to view and edit on the Doctor App

In the Obstetrics History tab, you will now be able to view and edit the below areas, allowing information mobility.

  • Current Gestation
  • Active Medical Issues
  • Active Pregnancy Issues
  • Agreed EDD
  • Pregnancy Management
mceclip12.png mceclip15.png


Ability to book Obstetric Consultations and create Birth Records

Doctors can now create Obstetric Consultations through the Doctor App which means that Birth Records can also be created freely at any time. The ability to create a Birth Record is also available through Quick Consult. This enables Obstetricians to improve experience and productivity, especially in unplanned birthing scenarios. 

mceclip1.png mceclip0.png


Booked appointments display obstetric information

Booked Obstetric Consultations in the appointment book will now display the below in the Doctor App:

  • Patients EDD
  • Gestation
  • Birth Date (if there is a birth record) 
mceclip0.png mceclip1.png


Bug Fixes

  • Android/iOS: Copy To/CC recipient, if populated, should display on Pathology and Imaging results to improve data completeness.
  • Android/iOS: Theatre Sister renamed to Others Involved to improve consistency across the Web application and Doctor App.
  • Android/iOS: Custom fonts will not be lost when creating letters.
  • Android Only: In the demographics, the postal address will no longer display as ‘Null’ if a patient has no postal address, it will be left blank.
  • Android Only: In the demographics, the salutation will no longer display as ‘Null’ if a patient has no salutation, it will be left blank.
  • Android Only: The application will no longer freeze when trying to change the passcode, the passcode can be changed without issues.
  • Android Only: Files over 9MB in size can now be uploaded without issues.
  • Android Only: All your users will now show when creating a eTask using the 'To' field.
  • Android Only: You can now define and save due dates on eTasks meaning that practice staff/recipients can view and respond to task urgency.
  • Android Only: Results will display consistent formatting across the product. 
  • iOS Only: You can now upload video content into the patient file without issues.


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