23 April 2020 - Product Update


Patient rebates for insured, in-hospital services

Brief Overview

Privately insured (Health Fund) patients that are charged a private fee for an inpatient procedure are entitled to 100% of the schedule fee as a rebate.
This is calculated as 75% paid by Medicare → the Medicare rebate amount
The additional 25% paid by the Health Fund → what Medicare has specified as the schedule fee

This change will only reflect if the Patient has Medicare Card and Health Fund details within the patient demographics. 


The Short Version

  • When creating an in-patient, private Fee Estimate 100% schedule rebate will now display if an MBS item number is added.
  • When creating an in-patient, private Invoice the 100% schedule rebate will now display if an MBS item number is added.
  • The 100% schedule rebate on in-patient, private Fee Estimates and Invoices will also reflect in the Patient Portal (If applicable).
  • When printing an in-patient, private Fee Estimate or Invoice the 100% schedule rebate will now display with a description of the rule.



Fee Estimate

1. Create an in-patient, private Fee Estimate for a patient.


2. Add an MBS item number.

3. Both the Medicare Rebate (75%) and Health Fund Rebate (25%) will be displayed. The Fee Estimate will then calculate the relevant Out of Pocket cost from this information.


4. Hover over Health Fund Rebate for a description of the 100% rebate. 


 5. This information will also be printed on the Fee Estimate.


Create an Invoice from a Fee Estimate 

  1. Click the appointment that the Fee Estimate is linked to.
  2. Select in-patient and private (same as Fee Estimate).
  3. Click Get Fee Estimate.

Note: If a Fee Estimate was not created you will select Create to create a new invoice.



4. The item numbers in the invoice will match your Fee Estimate and will display the Medicare and Health Fund rebate. 


5. This information will also be printed on the Invoice.


To learn more about creating a private, in-patient invoice click here

Patient Portal 

The patient will see the same information on the Fee Estimate and Invoice.
This will display if the patient has been given access to the Patient Portal by the practice. To find out more about the Patient Portal click here.



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