Frequently Asked Questions: Patient Portal

Can practices choose which documents, clinical information or invoices to publish to the Patient Portal?

Doctors may choose not to publish certain lab results to the Patient Portal.

Besides this, all documents, invoices and clinical information added into the patient’s file will be published to the Patient Portal, if it is selected in Patient Portal Settings.

To customise which modules you would like to grant all patients to, go to Settings > Patient Portal Settings > Customisation > Save.

Can I remove a patient from the patient portal?

Yes, you may select whether to grant a specific patient access to the Patient Portal in their patient file. Go to Patient > Edit > Demographics > uncheck the “Patient Portal Access “ field > Save.

What to do when a patient doesn’t receive the Patient Portal invitation

Patients who have ‘Patient Portal access’ checked on their patient file can access the portal by logging on at and selecting ‘forgot password’. They will then be sent a password reset email and be able to login using these credentials.

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