NIB Health Fund Invoice Management: February 2020

Currently, the fee schedules for NIB Health Fund invoices may reflect incorrect values. Until this matter is resolved, you may follow the below steps to manage NIB Health Fund invoices

The Short Version

  • Doctor to Finish Consult
  • Doctor adds billing details to message to reception pop up
  • Leave appointment Un-invoiced (ready to invoice)
  • When ready, run the 'Uninvoiced Appointments' report
  • Create invoices, accepting the change of schedule fee
  • Submit claim


How to add billing details to Message To Receptionist:

  1. Doctor - Start consult
  2. Doctor - Finish Consult
  3. Doctor - Add billing details to Message To Reception pop up window
  4. Doctor - Click Send & Close
  5. Admin - Leave appointment un-invoiced (Ready to invoice icon is grey)

After Health Funds upload is complete

  1. Admin - Run un-invoiced appointment report to show all invoices that have not been created
  2. Admin - Click the appointment
  3. Admin - Create invoice (details that Doctor selected in the Message To Receptionist will pre-populate into the invoice)
  4. Admin - Click Create
  5. Admin - Message will appear Item XX schedule fee changed
  6. Admin - Click Ok
  7. Admin - Items added from Message to Receptionist will populate with the new fee
  8. Admin - Submit the invoice
  9. Admin - Repeat for all invoices on report

How to run an 'Uninvoiced Appointments' Report

Once the item numbers are available and you would like to create your invoices, you can run an 'Uninvoiced Appointments' report to show all appointments which need an invoice to be created.

1. Go to 'Reports' and select 'General Reports'.


2. Select the 'Uninvoiced Appointments' option in the 'Report Type' dropdown.

3. Filter the report as required, including selecting the date range of appointments.

3. Click 'Show'. 


4. The report will show each appointment that you need to create an invoice for. Click on the 'Invoice' icon and this will take you to the invoice creation page. 



To learn more about creating an Eclipse invoice, please click here

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