Adding Appointment Notes and Using the Uninvoiced Appointments Report

As at 28 January, 2020, some users may be unable to add item numbers to Bupa Health Fund invoices and Medibank Private (No Gap) invoices. While our development team works to rectify this as a matter of priority, you may follow the below steps to keep track of uninvoiced item numbers for Bupa invoices and how to invoice them at a later date using the Uninvoiced Appointments report.

The Short Version 

  • Open the appointment booking window
  • Add a note to the appointment with billing details
  • When ready, run the 'Uninvoiced Appointments' report
  • Create invoices and claim


How to add an appointment note:

1. Find the appointment you'd like to add a note to.

2. Click on the 'pencil icon'.


3. In the 'Notes' field, write the item number you were going to bill along with anything else of        relevance for this claim.


4. Click 'Save'.


How to run an 'Uninvoiced Appointments' Report

Once the item numbers are available and you would like to create your invoices, you can run an 'Uninvoiced Appointments' report to show all appointments which need an invoice to be created.

1. Go to 'Reports' and select 'General Reports'.


2. Select the 'Uninvoiced Appointments' option in the 'Report Type' dropdown.

3. Filter the report as required, including selecting the date range of appointments.

3. Click 'Show'. 


4. The report will show each appointment that you need to create an invoice for. Click on the 'Invoice' icon and this will take you to the invoice creation page. 



To learn more about creating an Eclipse invoice please click here


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