Make a Group Booking

Brief Overview

Group Bookings are multi-patient appointments that can be useful for managing consults conducted outside the practice, as well as for offering general well-being or allied health classes.

The Short Version

  • In Settings/Practice Details, ensure that 'Group Booking Enabled' is ticked
  • In Settings/Define Your C2C/Appointment Types, create a new appointment type, tick Group Appointment and, at least, enter the maximum number of patients before clicking Save
  • In the Scheduler, open the Booking Window and select Group Booking
  • Add a name for the group and add patients to create the group and then click Save
  • Double-clicking on the appointment enables other patients to be added, as well as many other useful features including confirming patients' attendance and creating invoices


 1. Click on the Settings cog and then click on Practice Details


2. Make sure that Group Booking Enabled is ticked and click Save


3. Click on the Settings cog and click on Define Your C2C.


4. Click on the drop-down menu and select Appointment Type


5. Click on Add Item


6.  Tick the Group Appointment tick box and fill in all the fields marked with a red asterisk.


7. In the Scheduler, double-click in the doctor's schedule or click the 'Add New Appointment' button to open the Booking Window. Click on Group Booking.


8. Enter a name for the Group, select and add Patients and check that all other fields marked with a red asterisk have correct values. Then click Save.


9. The new Group Booking in the Scheduler will list the number of patients currently added, as well as the places remaining.


10. Double-click on the Group Booking to open the Group Booking Window which provides a number of useful features, including confirming or canceling patient attendance, deleting patients from the group and invoicing each patient.g10.jpg

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