Generating the Daily Banking Report

Brief Overview

The Daily Banking Report enables you to reconcile payments receipted in Clinic to Cloud with the actual payments received.

This means that, at the end of each day, you can count till money, print an EFTPOS machine summary, summarise cheque payments and then enter these amounts into a Daily Banking Report to confirm invoice payments that have been entered.

The Short Version

In the Scheduler, click on Reports and then Daily Banking. 

Then, in the Daily Banking screen:

  • Click the Create button
  • Choose the report period (default is today), enter one or more doctors and one or more locations
  • Click Show
  • Click Reconcile All or tick the Reconcile tick boxes to choose invoices/deposits
  • Click the Summary button
  • Enter in the summaries against the relevant payment method(s)
  • Click Reconcile


1. In the Scheduler, click on Reports and then Daily Banking


2. Click the Create button to open a new report.  Then:

  • If required, change the Period of the report (defaults to today)
  • Click the Doctor field to select one or more doctors
  • Click the Location field to select one or more locations (if relevant)
  • (Optionally Save as Favourite to be able to quickly reinsert the same settings each time you run the report)
  • Click Show to search for invoices and/or deposits


3. Invoices will appear based on date of service. Tick each individual invoice or deposit that requires reconciling or simply click Reconcile All


4. Then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Summary button


5. Enter in the actual amounts received in the Actual text box for each payment method. If there is still a Difference, you can explain why in the Notes text box.


6. Finally, to save and complete later, you can click the Save & Close button. Otherwise, if the report is complete, click the Reconcile button. The new report will appear in the main Daily Banking Report screen.


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