Defining Your Consult Settings

Clinic to Cloud encourages you to take the time to customise your consult screen to spend less time on the screen and more time engaging with your patients!

By following this article, providers will be able to:

  1. Add Private Fees
  2. Add Favourite Item Numbers
  3. Add Checklist and Templates
  4. Select Pathology and Imaging Forms
  5. Adjust Consult Settings


  Private Fees

Set your Private Fees by going to Settings > My Settings > Fee Settings


These item numbers can then be used to prefill the invoice for your patient at the end of the consult. In doing so, these item numbers with your attached private fees will automatically display when invoicing the patient. 


  Favourite Item Numbers

Set your Favourite Item Numbers by going to Settings > My Settings > Favourite Item Numbers


These item numbers can then be easily selected used to bill your patient at the end of the consult. 


  Checklists & Templates

Set your Checklist and/or Templates by going to Settings > My Settings > Templates


In doing so, you will be able to add your own templates to use when creating letters and your own checklist to be able to use during a consultation



  Pathology & Imaging Forms

Set your Lab Request Forms by going to Settings > My Settings > Lab Request Forms > Imaging/Pathology. Select which forms you would like available during consults and set a default form. 


In doing so, when you make a pathology and/or imaging request, you will be able to select a form from your filtered list


  Consult Settings

 Set your Consult Settings by going to Settings > My Settings > Consult Settings. Define which fields you would like to be available when in consult. 


In doing so, your consult screen will be applicable to you and your speciality


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