Patient Portal Quick Start Guide

Patients who are actively involved in their healthcare often experience better outcomes. We’re here to make it easy for them, and for you.


  Set Up the Patient Portal

Edit the email notification that will be sent to your patients to invite them to log in to their online Patient Portal.


1. Go to Settings > Notifications > New Patient Notification to update the Notification Email.

2. Go to Settings > Patient Portal Settings > Customisation to 'Turn ON' the Patient Portal.

Click here to learn more about setting up your Patient Portal.


  Create a Patient Portal Consent Form 

The Patient Portal can only be accessed by your patients after the accept this consent form. Please ensure you enter any applicable disclaimers which are required for your practice.


1. Go to Settings > Patient Portal Settings > Privacy Notice & Consent


Add your logo to the Patient Portal 

Your practice logo will appear in the top left hand corner of the Patient Portal. You may choose to use your existing logo or upload an alternative one.


1. Go to Settings > Patient Portal Settings > Logo


  Customise the Patient Portal

Customise patient access within the Patient Portal, by enabling/disabling certain functionality.


Go to Settings > Patient Portal Settings > Customisation to customise the Patient Portal.

Click here to learn more about customising your Patient Portal.


  Inviting patients to the Patient Portal

There are 2 ways to invite patients to the Patient Portal.

New Patient

1. Create a New Appointment
2. Add a New Patient from the Booking Screen
3. Enter the Patient's Email Address then click 'Save'


Click here to learn more about giving a new patient access to the Patient Portal.

Existing Patient

1. Click 'Edit' the Patient's Profile in 'Patients'
2. In Demographics, check 'Patient Portal Access' in the Email Address field in the Patient's Profile
3. Click 'Save' for the Patient Notification to invite the patient to log into the Patient Portal



How does the Patient Portal link to Clinic to Cloud?

After accepting the consent form, the patient can enter their demographics and upload their referral directly into the Patient Portal.


When the patient arrives for their appointment or before the patient leaves, ensure to find them in your Patients list to 'View' their demographics.



Once you enter the patient's file, click 'Import Patient Information' to have all the patient's demographics imported from what the patient has added on their online patient portal.


Ensure you have all the correct details of the patient before clicking 'Save'.

Please note: Once you click 'Save' the patient will not be able to edit their details in their patient portal


Click 'Edit' if any details are missing and need to be added.


Uploaded referrals will appear in 'Scanned Documents > Review Scans'. Select the file and attach the referral to the patient's file by clicking 'Link'.


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