Checking your Trial Conversion

Once you have uploaded your trial data to Sharefile, your Conversion Specialist will commence a Trial Conversion

Below you will find the steps and tools you and your practice will need to check your Trial Conversion: 

  Step 1 - Login Details

A username and password will be provided to log into your Trial Practice to check the data. 

  Step 2 -  How to Check Data

Checking that your data has successfully come across to Clinic to Cloud is the most important part of onboarding.  The video below will guide you through this process.


We suggest checking the list below:

  • Patient Demographics (20+ patients)
  • Patient Clinical File (20+ patients )
  • Contacts (20+ contacts)
  • Appointments (suggested: check the first 3 weeks of appointments)
  • Recalls (20+ Recalls, if relevant)

 Your Onboarding Manager is available to assist with data checking.

   Step 3 -  Validate Data

Use the provided checklist by your Conversion Specialist to validate your data. Each conversion field will need to be signed off to continue with your Onboarding Journey.

Please raise any concerns whilst checking the data, with examples where possible.

  Step 4 -  Approve Data

Once you have validated and approved the data using the provided checklist, your Onboarding Manager will schedule your final conversion ahead of the agreed Start Date.



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