Booking Appointments in the Patient Portal

Brief Overview

This a guide on how existing patients can book their own appointments through the Patient Portal after the service has been activated in the 'Patient Portal Settings'. New patients will need to get in touch with the practice and register for the Patient Portal.

The Short Version

  • Log in to the Patient Portal
  • Click on 'Create Appointment' to create a new appointment
  • Select which 'Doctors' they would like to see available appointments for
  • Select which 'Locations' they would like to see available appointments for
  • Select the 'Date Range' for appointments and which appointment type they would like to book
  • Click 'Show' to see the first three available appointments for the filters selected 
  • Click on 'Fees' to view the current billable items
  • Click on 'Take It' to accept the appointment for that time and date
  • Click on 'Next' if the current appointment available are not suitable
  • View appointment details once it has been booked
  • Then click 'Confirm' to finalise the appointment


1. When a patient logs in this will be the first screen they come across if the practice has set up and activated a 'Consent Form' and 'Waiting List Disclaimer'. The patient will need to accept either both the consent form and waiting list disclaimer depending on the policy of the practice. 



2. After the patient clicks accept, they will be taken to this page. Alternatively, if there was no consent form or waiting list disclaimer created by the practice, this would be the initial page a patient will come across. On this page a patient can view their current and past appointments by clicking on the two tabs 'Current' and 'Past' located on the right hand corner of the screen. 




Clicking on the 'Current' tab will take you to the below screen where you can check current appointments.



Clicking on the 'Past' tab will take you to the below screen where you can view past appointments.


From here a patient can create a new appointment by clicking the 'Create Appointment' link. 


3. This will then give the patient the option to select which doctors and locations they would like to see available appointments for. The patient can click to text boxes to choose which doctor or location they would like or they can click the check all icon to view all available doctors and locations. 



 4. The patient can then choose the date range to view any available appointments in that time frame. Clicking on the calendar icon will drop down a mini calendar where the patient can choose the appropriate date range for them. 


5. Next, the patient can click on the appointment type to choose which type of appointment they will be having. This drop down list is taken from the appointment types listed in the 'Customisation' tab of the 'Patient Portal Settings'


6. When the patient clicks on the 'Show' icon they will see 3 available appointments for the filters selected. 


7.  From here the patient can click on 'Fees' to view the current billable items. Billable items can be added so that you can view a doctor's private fees when booking an appointment on the scheduler and when the patient make appointments online from the portal. 


Please find the below link which is a guide on how to add and edit billable items:

How To Add/Edit Billable Items

Clicking on 'Fees' will open up a screen where the patient will then be able to see the private fees for this doctor that have been added as billable items.

8. If the present options are suitable the patient can click the 'Take it' button to book in the appointment. 


9. If the available option are undesirable, the patient can click 'Next'. Clicking on this will take the patient to the next page which will generate more available appointments until they find the best appointment suited to them. 


10. Once the appointment has been booked the patient can view the appointment details via the appointments tab and 'Confirm' and 'Cancel' if needed. Patients can only cancel an appointment if that is the policy of the practice. This option must be ticked in the 'Patient Portal Settings'



11. After the patient has confirmed the appointment, this will then reflect on the scheduler for the admin staff.

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