Recording Diagnoses

Brief Overview

The diagnoses tool bar is a feature that lets you document a diagnosis for a patient. This feature also allows you to keep a record of the diagnosis as well as being able to update that diagnosis and delete it from the bar.

The Short Version

  • Start a consult by double clicking on an appointment
  • Add a diagnoses by clicking the Green Plus Icon
  • Select the diagnoses and fill all mandatory fields


1. Click the drop-down arrow to view current Diagnoses or the Green Plus Icon to add a new Diagnoses: 


2. When adding a New Record, state this patient's diagnosis by selecting this from SNOWMED's database and added more information about this diagnosis: 


3. Once data has been entered for this section, you will be able to see the history of diagnoses below and switch are currently active. These can be updated at anytime moving forward: 


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