Prescribing Medications

Brief Overview

The Current Medication bar is a tool that allows you to add and prescribe medication to a patient. This feature encompasses the following fields:

  • Medication
  • Dosage 
  • Quantity 
  • Repeat
  • Usage 
  • Type
  • Start and End date
  • Notes

The Short Version

  • Start a consult by double clicking on an appointment
  • Add medication by clicking the Green Plus Icon
  • Select the medication and fill all mandatory fields
  • Save and/or prescribe the selected medication by clicking 'Print'


1. View current Medications by clicking the View All option or click the Green Plus Icon to add/prescribe a new Medication: 


2. Fill all mandatory fields to add and/or prescribe a New Medication


3. Once adding a new medication, if registered with MIMS, you will have access to the medication's Details, MIMS For You and MIMS for Patients


4. After adding a New Medication, you will be able to view Current Medications and Discontinued


5. In Current Medications, you have the ability to Print to prescribe this Medication or Discontinue


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