Pausing and Resuming Consults

Brief Overview

  • Doctor consultations are Timed within Clinic to Cloud.
  • The doctor has the capability to Pause the consult at any given time, thus stopping the The doctor can then Unpause and resume the session.
  • Note: The duration of the consult will not appear on the consult, nor will Medicare or the respective health fund see this when claiming through Clinic to Cloud. This is separate to the duration of the item number which is defined within the invoicing section.

The Short Version

  • Consultation will begin, indicated by the started status
  • Within the Consult, click the Pause button to Pause
  • Click the same button to Resume the timer


  1. When in the consultation screen, click the Pause button, located on the bottom-left portion of the screen to stop the Timer. This will change the status from Started to Paused.


  1. Click the same button to Unpause and resume the Timer. This will change the status from Paused to Started.


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