Customising Your Consult Icons

Brief Overview

This article will showcase how you can customise your consult icons. You can manage your settings by removing or adding any icons that you would like to see during the consult and what is the most relevant to your workflow.


The Short Version

  • Start a consult by double-clicking on an appointment
  • Click on the Green Settings Cogwheel 
  • Click Remove on any icon that you would like to remove
  • Click Add if you wish to add any icons back



1. Click on the Green Settings Cogwheel in the consult. 

2. You can remove icons that aren't relevant to your day to day consults by simply clicking Remove below the relevant icon. 


3. If you wish to re-add the icon at a later time, you can do this via the settings cogwheel and simply clicking the Add and the icon will be displayed in your consult window once again. 



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