How Alerts Work

Brief Overview

Alerts are used to advise the GP of a notification or upcoming task/requirement.


The Short Version 

  • Types of Alerts (Blue = Information/Orange = Warning/Red = Danger)
  • Alerts can occur by adding smoking information, pregnancy information, immunization information, allergies, diagnosis, and recall information.



1.  When you are in a Consult, you will see an Alerts section located in the top right corner of your screen.

2. Alerts can occur for various reasons. This will include but limited to: Adding smoking information, pregnancy information, immunization information, allergies, diagnosis and recall information etc. The screenshot below shows area's (highlighted by red squares) that will set Alerts based on the information added in these sections:

3. The Alerts area is controlled by the Bell icon shown in the top right hand corner. This icon lists the number of Alerts the patient has. By clicking on this icon, you can hide your Alerts, and by re-clicking on the icon re-show the Alerts.

4. Alerts will vary in colour depending on circumstance. The colour coding is as follows:

  • Blue indicates this Alert is about Information.


  • Orange indicates this Alert is a Warning.


  • Red indicates this Alert is Immediate Danger and to be attended to immediately.


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