Creating a New Clinician Account

If you are adding a new doctor into your practice, please ensure you follow these steps.


1) Advise Clinic to Cloud of the new doctor by sending an email to

Please let us know if they are replacing an existing doctor, or if they are an additional doctor. Also include if they are part-time or full-time. This is to ensure we check your agreement and let you know of any associated costs. 


2) To create the doctor in the practice click on the settings cog wheel, and then "Users". If you are replacing an existing user, also lock the inactive user (if you leave active, you may be billed incorrectly).  



3) Click "Add New User"



4) Fill in the required fields * and click "Create & Configure"



5) This will take you to the provider settings. Please fill this out as required.
If you require additional guidance on these, please follow the guides here: 

6) If this doctor will be claiming electronically through Clinic to Cloud you will need to ensure they are registered for online claiming with Medicare. The doctor will need to complete:
a) Online Claiming Provider Agreement (if they have't registered for online claiming before) =
b) Banking Details Online Claiming Form (one for EACH location they want to claim under) = 

Note: Medicare only allows each provider number/location to be registered to one billing software, so if the assistant uses that provider number with another software for billing purposes, then Medicare will cut off their ability to claim in the existing software.


7) These forms require a minor ID for each location you wish to claim under which can be found here:

Click Settings > Locations



Click the edit pencil for the desired location


Under Medicare Settings > "Medicare Location ID" will contain the minor ID the form requires for that location.

8) Send the forms off to Medicare. Details for postage or email can be found on the forms.
Note: send these off as soon as you can, as Medicare may take some time processing these forms.

Note: Anytime a doctor (or user) is no longer active in your practice, please ensure you lock them to reflect an accurate active user list. Clinic to Cloud is a subscription based business model that bills based on current number of active users, so if you do not manage your active users, you may be billed incorrectly.

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