Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication is a security setting that requires a time-restricted code to be input when a user logs in to Clinic to Cloud.

To enable this you navigate to Settings > Practice details > Enable Two-Factor Authentication.


From here you select how often you require the authentication and code to be input.

Please note: If this is activated, anyone currently logged in will be logged out and forced to input their authentication code.


Upon a user's login after this setting is activated, they will see the following. Note: This is for users, not patients.


A screen will appear where they are guided on downloading the Google Authenticator App and are required to input the code.


Note: If you have changed your phone and need to receive a new QR code, a new QR will need to be requested. Practice admin may be able to do this from settings > users, and clicking the request new QR code button. If this button does not appear, please contact clinic to cloud support and we can request this on your behalf.


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