How To Create An Operation Report


In order to create an operation report, the patient must have a procedure linked, please see "Procedure and Fee estimate" for instructions on how to create a Procedure and Fee Estimate.

Once a procedure is linked to the patient, the OP Report icon  will be visible under the doctor login from the Clinic Journey screen for the patient.


Alternatively the Op Report icon is also active from the scheduler screen, under the doctor login, when the patient is highlighted in the scheduler as per screen shot below.



Once the Op Report icon is clicked the OP report window will open, the Op report window is formed of three tabs.

1. Main Info Tab; Information for this tab is automatically populated from the booked procedure.


2. The details tab will need to completed for the Op Report.

The contents of the Op Report can be loaded from favourites by typing in the name of the favourites in the "Load from favourites" field.

Alternatively portions of the report can be saved as favourites and loaded by clicking on the icon.

The following window will be displayed, which will display saved favourites which can be edited, deleted or new notes added.



Once all the relevant sections of the report have been completed, additional files can be attached to the report from the files' tab as per screen shot below.



The report can then be saved into the clinical files, the Report will be displayed as below.




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