Set up a contact for secure messaging

To setup a new contact for secure messaging, follow the link below:


To edit an existing contact for secure messaging, please follow the steps below.

1. To add secure messaging details to an existing contact, go to the contacts section contacticon.JPG

2. Search for the contact you wish to add details to, and click the edit pencil.


3. Navigate to the secure messaging tab, and input the Argus, Healthlink, or Medical Objects details in if you know it, or you can search their directory by clicking the + symbol.

Note: Please ensure you also update the "Preferred Method of Messaging", otherwise the system will not recognise that you want to send future letters through secure messaging.



4. After creating a letter to send, you will now see a paper aeroplane icon with a padlock on it, the padlock indicates that you have setup this contact for secure messaging and the letter will be sent via Argus/Healthlink/Medical objects.

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