Reversing an Invoice

If you have made a mistake on an invoice and need to edit or resubmit a new one, you will need to correct the mistake on the existing invoice first. You won't be able to delete an invoice that has a transaction against it as it is a financial record, but you can reconcile and reverse it.

It is important to follow these steps in this order.

1. First you will need to open up the existing invoice and click unlock down the bottom (if the invoice is not locked, proceed to step 2).



2. Next you are required to apply the refund if a payment has been made against the invoice. (Do not remove the items yet). If there is a tickbox next to the item number, tick that, then proceed to the refund tab, and reverse out the amount that had been paid. Apply the refund under the same method payment was received. E.g. if paid EFTPOS, refund the amount in the EFTPOS box.

We recommend to input any relevant notes. (E.g. Incorrectly invoiced wrong item number)

Click Save.


3. You should now see the refund applied in the transaction history. The next step will be to remove the item numbers.


4. You will now need to remove the item numbers, to do so click the bin icons next to each item number. Click Save.



This has now zero'd out the invoice, now click the save and close button to get out of this invoice.

6. Once these steps are complete, you will need to create a new invoice as per normal, but with the correct details. You will apply the correct item numbers, and any payments that you already received as per normal. (E.g. If the patient had already made a payment to EFTPOS, then apply the EFTPOS payment in this new invoice).

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