Refunding & Reversing an Invoice

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If you have made a mistake on an invoice and would like to refund this, or if you need to remove an invoice and recreate this with correct information, you will find the instructions below. You won't be able to delete an invoice that has a transaction against it as it is a financial record, but you can reconcile and reverse the invoice without any effect on your banking. 


Short Version

  • Open and unlock the invoice.
  • Apply the refund.
  • Remove the item numbers.
  • Click Save & Close.
  • Recreate the invoice if required.



Note: It is important to follow these steps in this order, or you will be unable to reverse the invoice properly and this may affect your financial reporting.


1. Click the Invoice History icon from the Scheduler, search for, and select the patient. 



2. Click the Invoice Number that you wish to reverse. 



3. Scroll down, and click Unlock at the bottom of the invoice. Skip this step if you don't have an "Unlock" button.



4.  If a payment has been made against the invoice, this will need to be refunded first. Tick the items on the invoice that you wish to refund. Do not delete any items.



5. Scroll down to the Payments section, and select the Refund tab.



6. Reverse the total received, by entering the refund amount against the relevant Payment Type that was received. Click or tab out of the field once complete. For example, if the payment were made via EFTPOS, enter the payment value against the EFTPOS field.



7. The Total Refund value will then be calculated. 



8. You may wish to then record any information about the refund in the Notes field of the invoice.



9. Click Save (if this is a private invoice) or Draft (if this is a known gap invoice) and the refund will be shown within the Transaction History.



10. Scroll back up, and remove the invoice numbers from the invoice, using the Delete (trashcan) icon beside each item. (Note: if this is a Known Gap invoice you will also need to enter $0 as the Known Gap amount)



11. Scroll down, and click Save & Close (if this is a private invoice) or Draft (if this is a bulk bill/DVA/ECLIPSE invoice) to finalise this invoice.



12. If you need, you may now recreate the original invoice with the correct items and information. Ensure that you apply the correct Payment Type in line with the original payment


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