Middleware error message - Something went wrong in one of instances

If you see the following error message within the Clinic2Cloud platform it is often a result of your computer not shutting down / starting up properly.


Upon clicking "Practice Middleware info" you'll see a red box like below.


To resolve this, often it's just a case of restarting your middleware software.

Steps to fix issue

1. Search within your computer (not the internet) for "practice middleware". You should see a result for "Clinic to Cloud Practice Middleware". Open this.


2. A box will appear for you to input your login credentials. Put in your username/email and password that you use to login to Clinic2Cloud (admin login). This will just re-enable the practice middleware software within your computer.


3. This will result in the service running again as it should be, and when you refresh your Clinic2Cloud page, the message should disappear.

Note: Some Antivirus software may try and block the practice middleware form running. Please ensure that your antivirus allows/trusts middleware.
Also, please check to see if practice middleware is actively running on your computer. Guide here: https://trust.clinictocloud.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/115001525587-How-To-Restart-Services-For-Scanning-And-Lab-Results-

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