Doctor App (iPhone) - Patients

To go to a patients file go to the 3 line icon on the top left of the app and select 'Search'

You can then search the patients name

If you click on the filter icon in the top right you can select to 'Show deceased patients'

When you select the patient name you will be able to:

1. Start a 'Quick Consult'

IPhone App - Consult

2. Go to the patient 'Demographics'



From the 'Demographics' tab you can:

1. Call the patient by clicking on the phone icon

2. View and attach documents by clicking on the document icon

- To view click on the document name 

- To download click on the download icon

- To attach new document click on the plus sign and you can select from your library or take a photo/video

3. View eTasks

IPhone App - eTask Management

4. Attach/take an image 



You can view all referrals for the patient from the 'Referral' tab


Account Info

You can view account information for the patient from the 'Account Info' tab


Health Status

You can view health status information for the patient from the 'Health Status' tab



You can view any workcover claims added for the patient from the 'Workcover' tab



You can view information 'Other' information for the patient


Interested Parties

You can view any 'Interested Parties' added to the patient file, these will automatically be added to the CC field when creating a letter







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