How Patients Can Book An Online Appointment

If you want patients to be able to book appointments through the patient portal you will need to allow this in 'Patient Portal Settings'

How To Edit The Patient Portal Settings


When a patient logs in they will see an 'Appointment' tab. They can view existing appointments. 

They can select 'Create Appointment'

This will then give the patient the option to select which doctors they would like to see available appointments for and which locations. 


The patient can select the date range for appointments and which appointment type they would like to book. 

When the patient clicks 'Show' they will see 3 available appointments for the filters selected. 

From here the patient can:

1. View the 'Fees' 

How To Add/Edit Billable Items

2. Click 'Take It' to book the appointment

3. Click 'Next' if options are not suitable 


Once the appointment is booked the patient can view the appointment details and 'Confirm' and 'Cancel' if needed. This will then reflect on the scheduler. 

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