How To Add/Edit A Referral In A Patient File

You can add a referral to a patient file by clicking 'Edit', then going to the 'Referral' section-


From here, you can then add the referral details-


1. Referring Doctor- this doctor needs to be listed as a contact in your practice, with the 'referring doctor' box ticked. You can also add the doctor as a contact by clicking the  icon

How To Add/Edit A Contact

2. Receiving Doctor- this field is not mandatory, but if you have more than one doctor in your practice, you can select the receiving doctor if desired

3. Duration- select the duration of the referral from the dropdown list

4. Date of Referral- select the date the referral was written

5. Start Date- select the first date the referral will be used

6. Expiration Date- this is automatically input based on the start date and referral duration

7. Provider Number- this is automatically input from the referring doctor's information

8. Notes- you can add any notes relating to this referral

You can also review the referrals in a patient's file. If the referral is in date, the  icon will appear. To edit a referral, click the  icon. To delete a referral, click the  icon. To add the an attachment, click the  icon.








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