Vitals & Investigation Reports

Brief Overview

Vitals are used to record a patient's health progress across a set of measurements such as their BMI, blood pressure, heart rate, and more. 

Investigation Reports allow a provider to manually input the results of particular tests. 

Before a provider will be able to take Vitals measurements or record Investigation Report outcomes, they will first need to have configured this within their Consult Settings. Instructions for this can be found here


Short Version

  • Open the Vitals tab within the clinical record.
  • Add any measurements taken into the fields provided.
  • Complete any investigation reports that you require.
  • Click Finish Consult.



1. Open the Vitals tab while within a Current Consultation.



2. Use the fields provided to record the patient's measurements. 



Note: The fields displayed within here can be customised in your Consult Settings.


3. Once multiple entries have been added to the patient's clinical record, you can use the tick boxes above each field to map the recordings over time. 





4. If you would like to record the outcome of any Investigation Reports, open the relevant tab within the Vitals screen. These reports are used to manually record test results if you are unable to receive these electronically. 



Note: The reports available within here can be customised in your Consult Settings.


5. Enter any other information required for the consultation and click Finish Consult.



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