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Brief Outline

Companies are used to record the details of any suppliers, laboratories, health funds, or other third-parties that you interact with in your practice. Companies are stored within your address book for use for Workcover Claims, adding Stock Items, or as Account Holders for patient invoices. They are separate to Contacts which are usually individuals. A Company record must be created before a Contact may be linked.


Short Version

  • Click the Plus icon beside Companies in the sidebar
  • Enter the required information about the Company 
  • If they are a Supplier or Laboratory, tick the required box
  • Click Create



Adding a Company

There are two areas where you may add a Company

A) Click the Plus icon beside Companies in the sidebar.

B) Click on Companies in the sidebar and click Add New Company.



1. Fill in the details about the Company. The required fields that need to be filled before you can save are:

  • Company Name
  • Address Line 1
  • Phone No 1



i) If the Company is a supplier for a Stock Item that you sell, then you will need to tick the Supplier Company tickbox. 

ii) If the Company is a laboratory company for use for pathology or radiology requests, then you will need to tick the Laboratory Company tickbox. 


2. Click Create


Editing a Company

1. Click on Companies in the sidebar.


2. Search for the Company in the search box. 



3. Click the Edit button beside the Company you want to change. 



4. Make any required changes to the Company and click Update



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