Editing Provider Settings

Go to Settings > My Settings > User Settings



To change your Personal Settings

1. Add/Edit your phone number, ABN, Specialty, Medical Registration and Prescriber Number. 

2. Add your own logo type, this will overwrite the practice logo on your invoices. Select 'Add Picture' and browse the file on your computer and select. 

3. Select GP or Specialist option

4. Use drop down option to select 'Field of Specialty' and 'Specialty'

5. Select Pathology and Imaging favourites from drop down (These are added under Admin Settings > Practice Favourites)

6. Select your 'Default Appointment Type'. Once this is selected, whenever an appointment is booked in your schedule it will default to this appointment type. 

7. Select your 'Default Certificate of Capacity Form'. If you create a workcover certificate of capacity you can select your default here. 

8. Select 'Save'




MIMS Drug Interaction Settings

1. You can use the dropdown here to change your MIMS severity level

2. Select 'Save Severity'


Common Settings 

1. Select the 'Use Clinical Journey List View as default tab for consult' to go to the clinical journey when opening a consult. If this option is not ticked the consult will default to 'Current Consult'

2. Select 'Signed not Sighted Letters' to have this option available when creating a letter. This enables a letter to be created by the provider and  sent through to the admin in edit mode and the admin can then sign this and send it without review by provider. 

3. Select 'Send secure messages automatically after signing the letter' to enable the letter to be sent through secure message automatically without having to manually action the send. 

4. Select 'Allow Other Doctors to Accept My Laboratory Results' to enable other providers in your practice to accept patient results in the clinical file. 

5. Select 'Save'



One-Click Printing Settings

1. To set up one click printing

Setting Up Printing Middleware for MAC OS X

Setting up Printing Middleware for PC

2. Once your printing middleware is set up select 'Printing preferences setup' to open your printing middleware. 


Scheduler Settings

1. Select your 'Appointment Interval' for the scheduler

2. Select 'Save'



Waiting Room Settings

1. Select your 'Default Waiting Room'. When you open the waiting room your view will default to the room selected here. 

2. Click 'Save'



Letters to Create Settings 










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