Configuring Account Details

Go to Settings > My Settings > Account Details tab 


To change your login email 

1. Type the new login email in 'New E-mail' field

2. Select 'Save Email'



To change your login password

1. Type in your current password in the 'Current Password' field

2. Add your new password in the 'New Password' field

3. Retype your password in the 'Confirm Password'



To add your bank details to your remittance advice 

Add bank details here that you would like to show on your outstanding invoices. 

1. Add bank details

2. Select the 'Show my details on remittance advice' and this will override the Practice banking details. 

3. Select the 'Show my location specific details on remittance advice' and the banking details which are added under Settings > My Settings > Provider Number will show for each location. 



To log out of all devices

1. Select the 'Logout All' option to log out of all devices except the one you are currently on









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