Doctor App: Creating Letters Using Voice Recognition

1. Please login with your credentials

2. Select the Patient to begin consulting

3. Complete Consult and select “New Letter”

4. Select the template you wish to use and choose the mode you wish to use. Typist = Send to admin to do the quality check Self = I will check the letter myself

5. Self-mode will allow text to allow on your screen however requires the doctor to do the quality checks and sign.
Once dictated please correct and send

6. Typist mode allows you to do a audio recording and send to admin for quality checks. This letter will return to doctor for final approval “Sign”
Once dictated play audio to assure satisfied then send


7. Features are located top left hand side from scheduler screen.

 Scheduler – Main appointment screen
 Etasks – Task that can create by doctor or receive from admin to complete/notify
 Letters – Letters to create from appointments and letters list for doctor to review for approval and sign.
 Lab Results – View Pathology and Imaging and link to patient.
 Search – Search for patients that is not on the appointment screen
 Setting – internal settings of your choice.

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