Printing Middleware Setup for Mac OS X

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Printing Middleware is bridging software that is required to be installed if you intend on printing onto pre-printed paper (such as request forms), use multiple trays, or use multiple printers for different kinds of print jobs (ie pathology and letters). Printing Middleware must be installed for each user on a computer, and on each computer in the practice that needs to print from Clinic to Cloud using different trays or printers. 



1. Log into Clinic to Cloud.

2. Open Settings > My Settings

A) If you also have Doctor User settings, enter the User Settings tab.

3. Click the Get Printing Middleware button under the One-click Printing Settings heading. 

4. Once downloaded, run the installer from your browser or from the Downloads folder on your computer. 

A) You may receive a message similar to this depending on the security preferences on your computer. Click OK to progress. 

B) If you receive this error, enter your System Preferences on your computer, and select Security & Privacy. In the General tab, click on Open Anyway beside the "Printing Middleware.pkg" item. 

C) Click Open on the following prompt. 


5. The installer will then open. Click on Continue


6. Select the destination drive that you would like to install the software, and then click on Continue


7. Change the installation location if required, and click Install. By default, the software will be installed in the Applications folder on your computer.


8. Insert the Username and Password for your computer and click on Install Software



9. You will receive a confirmation page to show the installation was successful.



10. You may then be prompted to either Keep or Delete the installer. You may make your own choice here, though it may not be needed again.


11. If you have not changed your install location, your Printing Middleware will then be installed in your Applications folder.


12. Click the Printer icon on your top toolbar to customise your middleware. 


13. The Printing Middleware drop-down menu will then appear for you to begin configuring your software.



14. Mouse over the first print job you'd like to configure, and select Setup

  • Setup Pathology - this should be set to the tray/printer that contains your pre-printed pathology paper.
  • Setup Imaging - this should be set to the tray/printer that contains your pre-printed radiology paper.
  • Setup Prescriptions - this should be set to the tray/printer that contains your pre-printed prescription paper.
  • Setup Patient Label - this should be set to the Dymo or Brother label printer that contains your label paper. You cannot use a regular printer for this print job. 
  • Setup DVA Invoice - this should be set to the tray/printer that contains your DVA DB4 form paper.
  • Setup Bulk Bill Invoice - this should be set to the tray/printer that contains your Bulk Bill DB4 form paper.
  • Setup Envelope - this should be set to the tray/printer that contains your envelopes. 

15. Select the appropriate printer from the Printer drop-down menu, and then click Show Details.



16. Change the drop-down menu below Orientation to Media & Quality , and then choose which tray the paper should feed from for this print job (ie the paper holding your pathology paper if customising your pathology job). 


17. Repeat steps 12-16 for any other relevant print jobs that are required.


18. If you work from several locations, then you can save different favourite settings for each location and printer.

A) Hover over the Favorites menu and select Edit



B) Click the Plus + icon to add another location. 



C) Write a name for your next favourite location into the Name field and then close the window. 



D) When you change locations, you can then select your other location from the Favorites menu. 



E) You will then need to configure the print jobs as per steps 12-16 for your extra location. 


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