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Reminders for letters are generated in the Letters to Create tab within the Letters List based on the configuration of individual providers within the practice. Each provider may select which appointments will generate a reminder to write a letter within the Letters to Create tab, based on the Appointment Type of the appointment. For example, a provider may need to write a letter following every consultation, and therefore should have all consult related Appointment Types added to their personal Letters to Create Settings


Short Version

  • If logged in as a provider, open Settings > My Settings > User Settings
  • If logged in as a Practice Admin, open Settings > Users. Click Edit beside the provider Update & Configure, and enter the User Settings tab. 
  • Add/remove any Appointment Types from the Letters to Create Settings
  • Click Save



1. If you are logged in as the provider, open Settings > My Settings. Skip to step 5.

2. If you are logged in as a Practice Admin user, open Settings > Users



3. Click the Edit icon beside the provider.



4. Click Update & Configure



5. Enter the User Settings tab. 



6. Click into the Letters to Create Settings menu, and begin selecting the Appointment Types that should generate a letter reminder in the Letters to Create list for the provider. You may also tick the Show All field if you want all appointments to generate a reminder regardless of the type. 



7. If you need to remove an item from the list, you can use the X beside the name to remove it.



8. Click Save



9. Reminders will now be generated in the Letters to Create tab once a provider has completed an appointment of the types configured above. 



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