Creating & Using Procedure/Fee Estimate Checklists

Brief Overview

Procedure/Fee Estimate Checklists are used to assist admin staff with managing tasks and workflows related to patient procedures. 


Short Version

  • Open Settings > Checklist Templates
  • Click Add Checklist Template under the Procedures/Fee Estimate Checklist Templates tab. 
  • Choose which ProceduresDoctor, and Locations the checklist should be used for.
  • Provide a Name for the checklist.
  • Select a Notify Me timeframe. 
  • Use Add New Template Item to include the items needing completion.
  • Click Create.
  • Apply the checklist to any relevant Fee Estimates moving forward.



Creating the Procedure/Fee Estimate Checklist

1. Go to Settings > Checklist Templates.



2. Open the Procedure/Fee Estimate Checklist Templates tab, and click Add Checklist Template.



3. Make the following selections:

  • Procedures - The procedures this checklist should be used for. If the procedure you are looking for is missing from this list, you will need to add this in Define your C2C > Procedure Types
  • Notify Me - Choose how soon before the procedure you should be reminded of tasks to complete. Alerts will be shown within the Booked Procedures window under Procedure Management
  • Name - The name for this checklist (ie Hospital Preparation Checklist). 
  • Doctor - Select the doctor that this checklist relates to. A checklist may only be applied to one doctor at a time, however you may duplicate a checklist and assign the duplicate to a different doctor as needed. Instructions for duplication are included later in this article. 
  • Locations - Select which Locations this checklist can be used for. 



4. Click Add New Template Item.



5. For each question that you would like the patient to answer, you will need to create a new template item. The Item Name is the task requiring completion, and then you can select the type of options in answer to that question into the Values field. See below example, where the item requiring completion is the sending of paperwork, and the options are "Yes" and "No". 


Some example options available for selection can be found below:

  • Multiselect (user may choose multiple items).
  • Dropdown List (user may select one item from a drop-down menu).
  • Checkbox List (user may tick multiple relevant items).
  • Radio Button List (user may select only one item from the list).


6. Once you have added all required fields, click Create.



7. If you need to duplicate this checklist for another doctor to use, or for any other reason, click Repeat



8. Use the Edit button to make any changes to an existing checklist.



9. You can use the trash can icon to Delete a checklist.



Applying and Managing Procedure/Fee Estimate Checklists

1. When you are ready to use your checklist, you will need to apply this to a Fee Estimate.

A) Open the Fee Estimate.

B) Enter the Checklist tab.

C) Select the checklist from the Checklist field.

D) Click Apply Checklist

E) Click Save & Close



2. The Checklist Alerts will then be displayed in the Booked Procedures window under Procedure Management when they are due for completion.



3. You can then return to the Fee Estimate, and mark off items as they are completed. 



4) Ensure that you click Save & Close after marking items on the checklist. 


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