How To Create An Operating List

For patients to show correctly on the operating list, they must first be booked into an appointment and have a fee estimate linked to that appointment. 


1. Go to 'Operating Lists' tab on left hand side of scheduler. 

2. Select 'Add new operating list'

3. Select the Location, Doctor and Date. It is important that you have booked the procedure appointments into the scheduler correctly and linked the fee estimate for the patients to show correctly on the operating list. 

4. Select 'Create' and this will bring up all patients for the specified location, doctor and date. 

5. You can then:

a. 'Save' this will save the operating list

b. 'Save and Print' this will create a printable version of the operating list

c. 'Save and Email' this will send the operating list directly to the email address listed under that location. To edit this email address go to Settings > Locations > Edit. Under "Notifications" in settings, please make sure you have updated the No-Reply email and No-reply Display Name to your practice as this will be displayed on that email.

6. To update an existing operating list follow steps 1 - 5 and this will update the original operating list. 


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