How Resubmit Medicare (Bulk Bill/DVA) Claims From Waiting

Sometimes your claims might not be picked up by Medicare. When this happens your claims will sit under the Claiming tab > Medicare > Waiting.


The most common reason for these to sit in waiting

1. You have not registered your location 

Online Claiming - Medicare Forms

2. Medicare has missed this particular claim and just need you to resend

They can sit in waiting for up to 14 days as a locked invoice. After 14 days the invoice will unlock and show a tick next to them. 


1. When the tick appears next to the invoice click the tick to move the claim to 'Processing'



3. Once it is in the 'Processing report', click the backward arrow to 'Restore' the invoice


4. Once you have restored the invoices. Click 'Create claim' to push them back through to Medicare

​-How to Submit Medicare (Bulk Bill/DVA) Claims



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